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FUJIFILM has established harmonious labor relations, in which our company recruits and utilizes employees according to job requirements, signs labor contracts with employees according to law, never discriminates against employees because of religion, race, nationality, gender, region, skin color or other factors, and prohibits the use of child and forced labor.

We respect and recognize the diversity of the workforce, carry forward the work culture of inclusiveness, and endeavor to create an incentive, creative, diversified and non-discriminatory working environment that shows respect for self-esteem.

Recruitment process: Information release → Resume collection → Resume screening →Several rounds of interview (qualified) → Acceptance notification → Background investigation → Onboard


FUJIFILM’s Talent View

FUJIFILM’s talent chart represents each employee’s ability to work by mobilizing all parts of their bodies, through which they can give full play to subjective initiative, inspire innovative consciousness at work, address possible issues or problems, and constantly pursue higher targets with the sense of ownership.    

Our company requires employees to possess good communication and coordination, teamwork and innovation capabilities. Meanwhile, each employee should maintain a high degree of responsibility and enthusiasm, a good sense of service, and the teamwork spirit at work.

Talent Cultivation

FUJIFILM attaches great importance to talents, hoping each employee will keep the strong fighting spirit during self-growth, master the advantages and strengths of market value, and become professional talents with diverse personalities.

We have been dedicated to creating an open, fair and transparent working atmosphere for employees, improving their professional capacities through the establishment of a sound training system, and encouraging them to grow together with the company.

Compensation & Benefits

FUJIFILM (China) has established a fair, just and reasonable compensation and benefit system, covering a stable basic salary and company and individual performance based bonusesto ensure the external competitiveness and internal fairness of the compensation and benefit level.