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Fundamental Technologies

Material Chemistry

The ability to create new materials that make the impossible a possibility, through total control over the state and molecular structure of compounds

  • molecule design capabilities for key materials

  • Organic synthesis technology to control complex reactions and synthesize desired materials

Molecular design capability

Design a new molecular structure unique to Fujifilm by utilizing the compound library acquired in the process of research and development of functional materials and the latest computational science.

Selecting a highly sensitive skeleton compatible with 405 nm light

In order to explore molecules that are highly sensitive molecules, firstly, we extract target molecular groups from compound libraries and previous research knowledge, and select promising frameworks using computational chemistry simulations. Then, we actually synthesize the molecules and confirm their sensitivity. Finally, we commercialize the compounds with the optimal sensitivity.

Organic synthesis technology

Develop synthetic routes that achieve stable high quality and minimize costs based on the synthesis know-how acquired through many years of experience.

(1) Capability to develop proprietary synthesis routes for inexpensive manufacturing of designed molecules

To manufacture the designed molecules, we select the optimal raw materials as starting materials and develop a process that combines various reactions while paying attention to side reactions, in order to achieve high quality and target cost. We are capable of synthesizing heterocyclic compounds, π-electron system compounds, and fused heterocyclic compounds, among others.

(2) Manufacturing system that includes group companies (FFFC/FFCW(China))